Now, you too can be a music critic!

Info-mercial time here at EAR CANDY! Now, with one easy lesson, you too can be a music critic! Amaze your family and friends with your new expanded and hip music vernacular.

Jokey jokey - back to reality. Someone sent me this a few years ago and I don't know where it originally came from. It is a hilarious parody on music critics.

Last time period, I went down to place to go see adjective plural noun (Band Name #1) play on their adjective tour. Known for adjective antics on stage, this band really adverb verb the noun.

Opening act noun (Band Name #2) started the night with a/an adjective set of plural noun to the adjective crowd. These personal pronoun mix music type with adjective tones. The crowd responded verb, but everyone was more excited for the main noun.

Synonym for mixing songs from their debut CD "verb noun" and new effort "noun verb," Band #1 proved they adverb adjective. It's not every time period you get to verb a band of this size adjective.

The rhythm section of this band is renowned as one of the adjective ending in 'est' in the industry. It was a priveledge to see drummer name and bassist new name in action. Anyone who doubts their huge synonym for testicles should check them out.

The human organ of the band's sound is another new name 's adjective guitar work. His/her playing is adjective accompaniment to and yet another new name 's adjective vocals. Like plural noun joined at the body part, these two connect on a new age word level.

Lyrics that make you feel emotion about type of mental illness and yet at the same time cast new light on contemporary social problem aren't common, but this band makes it all seem pithy ending. Singer singer's name, previously known for his/her days in band name (pick something nice), has the voice of biblical figure and the body of biblical figure.

All in all, it was a night that left me physical condition. Given the opportunity to see these guys, you should violent act it with both body parts. You'll be emotion you did.